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Organic Gardening How To – Fall & Winter Lawn Care

Posted by admin on Nov 2, 2010 under organic gardening how to

Fall has now arrived and my lawn, like most lawns, has certainly slowed down in it’s growing cycle. I was mowing 2-times per week. Now, once every 2-3 weeks. Winter is coming and in this Organic Gardening How To article, I want to discuss fall and winter lawn care.

I’m often asked how long should we cut the grass in preparation for the long winter months. My answer is simply this: Don’t do anything unusual – keep the length of your grass to the same length that you normally keep it at. Don’t put any additional stress on your grass by mowing it shorter or growing it longer. Winter is stressful enough without adding to it.

One important thing that you do need to do for your lawns in the fall is to check how much thatch is in your lawn. Thatch is the combination of chopped grass and leaves that accumulates on the ground surface just below the grass line. It’s hard to see, so get down on your hands and knees and feel for how much accumulation you have.

You don’t want too much thatch. If the thatch is too thick, the grass will have a difficult time growing and spreading in the next growing season. If the thatch is thicker than 1/2″-3/4″, you’ll need to dethatch it. If you have this problem, watch this video to learn how to fix it.

As winter approaches, your grass will begin to hibernate. Put your hoses away and drain your sprinkler system. You won’t need to water your lawns in the winter months.

If you have plants that are sensitive to the cold, such as roses, get out your organic mulch and spread a thick layer of it at the base of these plants.

For some additional tips on preparing your organic lawns for the fall and winter months, watch this Organic Gardening How To video:

One more thing – you may want to give your organic lawn a dose of Winter Blend Natural Liquid Fertilizer before your grass does go into complete hibernation. This formula delivers an important blend of minerals to the grass that will enable it to withstand the cold winter months. It also provides a protein that will provide a boost to the grass when spring approaches. Your grass will grow greener and faster.

I hope this Organic Gardening How To has helped you. Until next time…

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  1. Dutchess County Tree Care Said,

    Interesting video on prepping your lawn. Bringing your water hoses and draining sprinklers prior to the winter since grass hibernates during the winter. Good post.

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