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Pruning Tomato Tips – An Organic Gardening How To

Posted by admin on Jun 26, 2012 under organic gardening how to

Depending upon the type of tomatoes that you are growing, properly pruning your tomatoes can lead to a healthier organic gardening how toplant that produces larger tomatoes. I’m not sure that many of us will grow tomatoes as large as the one that I showed in an earlier Organic Gardening How To Blog post, but pruning tomatoes can certainly help.

I’ve posted a video below that will provide you plenty of information on how to prune tomatoes properly, but one of the things that is not fully explained in this video is what exactly are “indeterminate” tomatoes. Patricia Boudier, the author of this video, says that these are the only types of tomatoes that you should prune. So, before watching that video, let me clarify what indeterminate tomatoes are.

Prune Only Indeterminate Tomatoes – An Organic Gardening How To

Tomatoes can be classified as either indeterminate or determinate tomatoes.

Determinate tomatoes are “bush” type tomatoes that grow to about 4 feet in height. The fruit will grow in clusters towards the end of the branches and all of the fruit will ripen at about the same time. After the fruit has ripened, the plant will die.

Varieties of determinate tomatoes include the Super Bush, Better Boy, Bush Beefsteak, Manitobe, Northern Delight, and the Sprite Tomato. If buying tomato seeds, look for the word “determinate” or “DET” on the seed package.

Indeterminate tomatoes are the “vine” type tomatoes that can grow up to 10 feet in height (length), although 6 feet is more common. These type of tomatoes will grow fruit all summer long and won’t die until the first frost kills them. Many gardeners consider these to be the more flavorful of the two types of tomatoes.Varieties of indeterminate tomatoes include the Beefsteak, Italian Roma, Amish Red, Amish Gold, Big Beef, Italian Tree, Brandywine, Black Zebra, Black Krim, and the Cherokee Chocolate. Once again, if buying tomato seeds, look for the word “indeterminate” or “IND” on the seed package.

With this little matter out of the way, watch this great video on pruning tomatoes to learn the proper way to do it:

Remember, don’t prune wet tomatoes… that will only cause problems!

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