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Controlling Cutworms In Your Organic Vegetable Garden

Posted by admin on Nov 19, 2014 under organic vegetable garden

I ventured out into my organic vegetable garden last week and I was disturbed to find a huge cutwormorganic vegetable garden cutworm had nearly eaten one-fourth of my largest tomato plant. Needless to say, I removed that worm from my plant and I destroyed it with a lot of anger.

Gardening is difficult enough, but adding nasty cutworms into the formula just makes it a little more difficult. These little grubs make my skin shake and I had to find a solution to my problem.

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Cutworms are the larvae of a lot of different types of moths. They look like caterpillars and are usually green, brown, or yellow in color. … the one I found was a light-yellow. Cutworms usually like the new, tender growth, but some of them will chew through the stem of the plant and sometimes even the roots.

I read a lot of crafty ways to prevent cutworms from eating my plants. I read about placing tin foil around the base of the plants and/or using slitted cardboard to prevent the worms from crawling up the plant. And, of course, I read a lot of suggestions about using chemicals and pesticides… but, these are not an option in my organic vegetable garden.

Easy Solution For Getting Rid of Cutworms

The easiest solution I found for getting rid of cutworms is to simply use corn meal… that’s it!. Simply spread a layer of corn meal around the base of each plant… make that layer about 6″ wide.

As it turns out, cutworms love the corn meal, but they can’t digest.. they consume it and they die.

Originally, I got this idea from the video below, but I also read about it in this eHow article.

Now, in this movie, the girl puts a barrier around each plant such as a plastic bottle and tin can. I didn’t place these barriers… I just put the corn meal directly on the ground with no barrier.

I started doing this in my organic vegetable garden four days ago and I’ve found the dead carcasses of a half-dozen cutworms at the base of my plants… I haven’t found any living cutworms on my plants.

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