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Cutting Height For Lawns – An Organic Gardening How To

Posted by admin on Nov 28, 2014 under organic gardening how to

My neighbors that live three houses down from us have a beautiful home and they work constantly on theirorganic gardening how to landscaping. All of their plants are well trimmed and there is not a leaf in their yard. They do have one problem, however… while their grass is green and they mow it weekly, the grass is thin and they have a number of bare spots. That’s the problem that I want to address in this Organic Gardening How To Blog post.

You see, these neighbors have centipedegrass just like we do. Our grass, however, is thick and green (that’s our lawn in the picture above). The difference between our lawn and their lawn is mainly due to the height at which we cut our lawn compared to the height that they cut their grass. We cut our grass when it’s about 3 inches tall and we cut it to a height of 2 inches. On the other hand, our neighbors cut their lawn when it’s about 2 inches tall and they cut it to a height of about 1 inch. That’s a mistake and it’s a mistake that many homeowners make.

Letting your grass grow taller enables the blades of grass to capture more sunlight and enhances photosynthesis. This strengthens the grass and enables it to protect the stems and roots from the hot sun. Removing the thick canopy of grass by cutting it too short, exposes the stems and roots to the harsh sun resulting in a slow decline and eventual death of the turf.

There are a lot of different varieties of grass and some can be cut shorter than 2-3 inches. For those of you that have a different variety of grass than what we have, you can check out to find out how short you should cut your grass.

Another thing that we do differently from our neighbors when it comes to our lawn is that we cut the lawn with an electric lawnmower. Now, I’m not saying that an electric lawnmower will make your grass any greener or thicker, but if you’re into organic gardening like we are, there is not a better way to do it. I bought my husband a Black & Decker cordless electric self-propelled lawn mower and it does a sweet job without all that noise. I did however, due to the size of our yard, buy a second battery so that we could mow the entire yard before recharging. Changing the battery is easy!

For more information on cutting height for lawns, watch this short video:

That’s it… until next time from the the Organic Gardening How To Blog.

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